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Homestead Chimney Service Testimonials


I’m sorry that I had to leave abruptly on the last day of the project and did not get to thank you properly for the hard and tedious work that you and Waymon did for me at Cypress Pond. I remember asking you about the endurance of the job, and jokingly, your reply was “we’ll be through by the 4th of July.” Well, you only missed it by a week. I know this turned into a much bigger job than you expected, but thank you for sticking in there for 5 months. Many would have walked away with the challenges that you were confronted with. One thing that I have learned is; never underestimate the surprises that a 150 year old house can have.

I had thoroughly checked you out before hiring you. I knew that you were capable for the difficulties ahead and that is why I didn’t want anybody else involved. Skip & I both think that you are quite the restoration “artist” in historic chimneys. And I must say that you are about the most meticulous “son of a gun” that I have ever met. Thanks again for the excellent job. I now have 6 of the most beautiful and safe chimneys in the state of Georgia.
~ Gerald L., Cypress Pond Plantation, Albany, GA

Dear Phillip,

Both John & I would like to thank you for resolving our chimney dilemma and installing our Regency insert back in February 2007. Frankly, the fireplace and stove have become the focal point of the house, and in addition to the aesthetics, we are amazed with the efficiency of the stove and how much it has contributed to lowering our electric bills. Needless to say, we have enjoyed the past three winter seasons immensely!

We greatly appreciate your professionalism, proficiency, and genuine concern for our satisfaction. Your knowledge and experience speak for itself, and the pride you take in your work is a reflection of excellence.Please feel free to use us as a customer reference, and look forward to working with you again.

Best Regards,
~ Col. & Mrs. John A. M., Bonifay, FL


Just a note to say many thanks for your care, talents, and stewardship for the on-going preservation of Curry Hill Plantation (1842). The restoration project has really made a difference structurally and the lime mortar is simply beautiful.

Thanks again,
~ Liz T., Curry Hill Plantation, Climax, GA

Hi Phillip,

You have been great on this project and we feel like your work is really excellent. We will be glad to recommend you anytime you want a reference. Thanks for a job well done.
~ Mary Louise H., Hickory Head Plantation (1852), Quitman, GA


Thank you so much…I look forward to sharing a meal with you and your family, to enjoy what you helped create.
~ Kim S., South Eden Plantation, Thomasville, GA


Thanks again for the hard work and patience on my project. You have the patience of Job. Comes in handy in your profession. A job well done. Thanks again for the pictures and the chimney work.
~ Dr. Ron S., Cairo, GA


I’m mighty proud of my expertly repaired chimney during this prolonged rain. We are as dry as a bone in the fireplace as water cascades down the side of the chimney. You do good work my man!!
~ Joe D., Cairo, GA


Glad to see you got an award from the Florida Heritage Foundation and the Tallahassee Trust for Historic Preservation. It is a powerful reflection on your dedication to perfection in your work. It’s a great reflection on the industry as a whole but especially on you, Phillip. It’s a great accomplishment.
~ Greg P., Copperfield Chimney, Fairfield, Iowa


Thank you so much for the fireplace screen – each time I move it to add logs to the fire (which is regularly!), I think of you and your generosity. I also remember your patience while I wrestled with the expense of the restoration. I have enjoyed the fireplace so much and am grateful for your good work.

Thank you!
~ Rita A., Thomasville, GA


I wanted to send you a note to tell you that from what I can see, you have done some excellent work up on the roof (from the backyard I have a decent view). The copper flashings and caps on the chimneys look fantastic. My wife concurs. When we finish the landscaping in the backyard this year, our house should look great.

~ Joe G., Thomasville, GA


I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did out at our ‘little’ cabin on the chimney repairs. We have been spoiled during the winter months and sure missed the fireplace during the few days that it was out of order.

Jeff certainly praised your work and I especially appreciate the professional way you handled the repairs. There was no clean up mess for me to come home to and I thank you for that.

If you ever need to list us as a reference for your work, please feel free to do so.

Thanks again,
~ Margie B., Valdosta, GA


Thank you so very much. The installation looks fantastic, your attention to detail and craftsmanship really shows. I’m looking forward to next winter and a cozy fireplace. The work that you’ve done is just great!!

Thanks again,
~ Dave K. , Sr. Mgr. Boeing, Bainbridge, GA


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