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Cast Iron Wood Stoves Give a Vintage Look

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Many wood stoves have an air of nostalgia and can even be associated with a bit of romance. They have always been visually pleasing and now they are also economical and efficient. You can still get wood stoves made from cast iron. These are considered to be the most traditional and can add charm to almost any home.

crankin’-up the “step top” stove

A cast iron wood stove can be freestanding or an insert for a fireplace. It can be vented into a traditional masonry chimney or a factory-build chimney designed for use with a wood burning appliance. But before you do anything, check with your chimney professional to make sure you can safely install and connect your new appliance to your existing chimney.

These stoves come in many sizes and price ranges. Some modern versions are designed to resemble traditional models, lending a vintage appearance without compromising safety. These contemporary appliances meet all current safety standards when they are installed as directed. Use a professional installer to do the installation because the process can be difficult and complex and often requires knowledge of current codes and standards.

A stove made from iron is quite heavy. It also has a large measure of thermal mass so it takes longer to heat up and cool down than does a stove made from lighter gauge or thinner metal. With more heat stored in its components, the stove radiates more heat into living spaces and allows less heat to escape through the chimney.

After a cast iron stove is installed, it must be broken in slowly to prevent damage to components. Users should refer to manufacturer instructions regarding initial fire temperature and size. This will maintain the condition of the appliance so everyone can enjoy many cozy nights in front of this attractive wood stove.