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The Beauty Of Chimney Revitalization / Historic Masonry Restoration

Nothing lasts forever and chimneys are no exception.  As they are continuously exposed to the elements, a slow deterioration of brick and mortar occurs without fanfare. Additionally, the corrosive effects of soot, ash, sulfuric acid, moisture, etc. decay the interior. Many chimneys predate flue liner systems or may have issues with clearances to combustibles thereby creating potential fire hazards. We have ways and means to implement code compliant UL listed flue liner systems and smoke chambers, which not only protect the structure but make your home a safer place to live.

Other units may be inactive but in need of preservation for posterity’s sake or historical value. Whatever the reason, utilization of high-quality materials and appropriate restorative techniques will ensure structural integrity and longevity for future generations.

Visual Examples of our Chimney Revitalization/Restoration Work
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The Difference In Masonry Today From How It Used To Be

Masonry predating 1930 was typically constructed with “softer” brick and lime-based mortar. These materials have a finite life, but may be drastically extended with properly applied new lime mortar. This process, termed “re-pointing” with hydraulic lime or lime putty, should last around 90 or so years. Conversely, masonry work can be irreparably damaged with novice “fix-it” attempts and inappropriate “home improvement” materials.

Of all the variety of chimney-related tasks Homestead performs, none surpasses the passion for and demands of expertise required by restorative skills.

If you have a modular or factory built-fireplace or chimney system, check out our page under the Homestead Chimney Services page.