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What The Process Of Chimney System Cleaning (Sweeping) Looks Like

The cleaning or sweeping process is the means by which flammable soot and\or creosote is removed from the interior areas of the chimney. It is this combustible material which, when ignited, can burn with abandon, potentially causing damage or destruction to the chimney and surrounding structure. Typically, lack of maintenance and structural clearance to combustibles create more disasters than any other cause.

Visual Examples of our Chimney System Cleaning Work
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But What About The Mess?

Now back to the process with the #1 question, How big of a mess does this make????? Cleanliness standards are paramount on every job. From the double-layered white canvas and bull-denim drops to mats, runners, or footies, every effort is made to respect your home and property. 

Homestead strives to use the most effective and advanced equipment to achieve maximum results. Applications change with the diversity of systems, but the goal is still excellence In craftsmanship.


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