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Why Chimney System Inspections and Evaluations Are Important

The National Fire Protection Association Standards for Chimneys and Venting (211) has categorized inspections into three levels.

A Brief Description Of The Level Content

  • Level 1 is a visual inspection of all readily accessible areas of the chimney system.
  • Level 2 is all of level 1 plus visual of less accessible areas such as attic and crawl space.  Also required is video scanning of the interior of the system.
  • Level 3 is the most invasive requiring disassembly and demolition if necessary.

Homestead offers the Level 1 as a standard segment included with the premium cleaning service or it can be performed separately with a service call.  Consequently, the Level 2 inspection is usually an add-on to cleaning as the flue must be clean to clearly view with the camera. This level is required when the chimney is suspected of deficiencies, change in fuels, or real estate sale.  Conversely, a Level 3 inspection is offered only in select and conditional cases.

Visual Examples of our Chimney System Inspection and Evaluation Work
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What Exactly Is An Evaluation?

An evaluation is similar to an inspection, in essence, being more of an assessment or appraisal for value, costing, or estimation.  This service is offered frequently in conjunction with consultation.


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