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Why Woodstove Inserts Need a Positive Connected Flue System

Older wood–burning inserts were typically installed by simply inserting the unit into a fireplace. As chimney fire statistics soared, the most effective solution to this problem was a positive connection between unit and termination. A properly-sized insulated flue liner, bypassing the existing smoke chamber and usually oversized flue, seemed to be the remedy. This not only solved the creosote fire problem but enhanced the efficiency of the unit by up to 40% (less fuel /more heat). Since 1988, most codes and standards require this modification. This modification can be made on most older models if you are not quite ready for “trade in”.

Woodstove inserts using an open fireplace for housing and venting are required by codes & standards to have a positive or direct connected insulated stainless steel flue liner system. Our installations will always run from unit to termination of the chimney, one continuous length. This not only provides the safety factor but sizes the flue to the engineered design of the stove for drastically improved performance and efficiency.

Visual Examples of our Woodstove Insert Positive Connected Flue System Work
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Gas and solid fuel flue liner systems are yet another type of chimney repair or rebuild Homestead Chimney Service is known for.