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Custom Throat Seal for Chimney without Dampers

In the real world, there may come a time when the original function of a fireplace changes for a homeowner. This decision may be based on a number of reasons like: “repairs are too expensive”, “this room is now a nursery”, or we are changing to ventless gas logs. Not a big deal if there is an existing damper to close the rest of the chimney off. For those fireplaces without a damper, heat/ac loss and inefficiency, insects and critters, continual trickle down of sand/mortar soot become major factors. To solve these issues, we fabricate a precision-fitted “pan” of 22ga. sheet metal to the specific dimensions and characteristics to your fireplace. (How many feeble attempts to correct this issue have we seen over the years? We have pulled out pieces of mis-fitted, flat, or bowed metal, 1930’s newspapers, stuffed plastic bags, pillows, boards, etc.!) This new unit is then press-fitted into the throat area of the upper firebox which is usually out of view. When anchored and sealed with the appropriate sealant for the application, the aforementioned problems are solved. The beauty of the throat seal is that it is either as permanent or temporary as it needs to be and will pay for itself in energy savings, not to mention perpetual housekeeping issues.


Our custom work also includes stainless animal barriers for arch & slab tops.