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What You Should Know About Your Dryer Exhaust (Vent) System Installation & Maintenance

When over 15,000 American homes burn every year from clothes dryer systems, something must be wrong. Statistics again show that improper installation and maintenance are the culprits for most of these disasters. In the field, we find some of the most hideous, cheap, & illegal installations even in some of the finer homes. These arrangements have obviously been thrown together by people who don’t know better or just don’t care.

Visual Examples of our Dryer Exhaust Vent System Installation & Maintenance Work
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Make Sure Your Dryer Vent Isn’t a Fire Hazard

There are proper materials to use and code compliant methods of installing them to create a low resistance and maintenance friendly system. With periodic de-linting and inspection, the likelihood of a catastrophic event is greatly reduced.  We have the skills, equipment, and tools, necessary to make this happen in your home.


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