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Why Hire a Chimney Specialist to Rebuild Your Fireplace

The fact that professional chimney sweeps know what they are doing is a really good reason to hire a chimney specialist to rebuild your fireplace. Given its importance to your safety, your fireplace is not something you want to scrimp and save a few dollars to build. A well constructed fireplace is the difference between providing a safe environment for your family or choosing not to.

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If the fireplace is being rebuilt due to damage it is essential to leave that task up to a chimney specialist. It may be necessary to rebuild more than just one part or section of the fireplace or chimney and making sure everything is put together correctly is a big job best tackled by professional sweeps. They understand the system from the liner to the firebox and everything else in between.

Chimney specialists use firebrick and mortar specially formulated for this purpose to replace the brick. They can also install a fireback, which is a metal plate at the back of the fireplace that radiates heat back into the room. This alone can bring as much as 30% more heat into the house and you wouldn’t know that without the expertise of a professional chimney technician who can install a fireback correctly the first time.

These chimney guys are aware of the codes that have to be followed and adhered to as well as the proper sized opening for the fireplace you have chosen to build. This impacts the draft and the efficiency with which smoke and other gases are removed from the house. They will also equip the chimney with a liner from top to bottom. They will access whether you can restore the one you have or replace it with a new one.  All of these measures help with the performance of your fireplace and chimney.

Chimney specialists will work with you to get the best result out of what you have to start with. Because of their working knowledge of the anatomy of a fireplace and chimney system they think in terms of safety and performance first then work on the way it looks to enhance your home the way you want it to. One without the other just doesn’t make much sense. Choose a chimney specialist for your next project.

Chimney Specialist & Masonry

If you look at ten different homes that have fireplaces, you may very well see ten different styles of chimney facings. Different builders have their own signature design but they all have one common purpose–to provide ventilation for the fireplace. Chimney specialists that do masonry are indeed very important when building something that has a specific purpose that must also be aesthetically pleasing to the homeowner.

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While brick workers have some freedom to create their own designs, all chimney specialists are required to meet certain code specifications. In the end, the chimney must be able to function correctly and safely when in operation. Having a chimney specialist that is also able to do some of the masonry work is a great advantage for most people. Having a beautiful fireplace does little and serves no purpose if it is a fire hazard.

There are many common building codes to which all chimneys must adhere. Then there are the codes that must be met that are dependent on the type of appliance you are installing and where. You add to that the different manufacturer requirements and you quickly can see why you would do well to hire a professional chimney man. While you might think anyone can lay brick, not everyone can build a fireplace and chimney system that works well.

If you are in doubt, go to the Internet and do a quick search about problems people have with their current fireplaces, inserts and wood stoves. You will note that there are many units that are not working properly for an array of reasons. Having a pro do the installation for you gives you someone to fall back on if there is a problem. However, even more important, the odds go up in your favor that your appliance will be installed correctly the first time.