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Why a Chimney Restoration May Be In Your Future

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Most homeowners will have several indications by just looking at their chimney to see it is in need of restoration. These can include spalling or flaking of the brick and mortar as well as loose bricks and sometimes even missing bricks.

Chimney restorations are sometimes necessary

What you can’t see though might be the best indication that restoration of the chimney might be in your future. This is why we recommend a video inspection during the annual inspection process that is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association and Chimney Safety Institute of America. We are able to see what is going on inside the chimney from the firebox to the top of the flue and take detailed pictures so you are aware of the condition of your appliance from top to bottom and inside and out.

What we know from experience is that wood stoves and traditional fireplaces are subject to creosote buildup as well as other debris coming into the chimney if it has an open flue or any damage at the crown or chase. Allowing water in the system is one of the most damaging elements because masonry chimneys are susceptible to absorbing water and the inner working of all chimneys are made of metal, which in time will rust.

While restorations of a chimney can be costly, we cover all the options with homeowners so they are well informed and know what they are getting and why. The real expense comes when nothing is done about a broken system.

If the outer chimney is damaged beyond repair, it will need to be partially or fully rebuilt. There really is no other way to restore a masonry chimney but to relay the masonry components. If it’s the inner liner that is damaged, there are options depending on the type of liner you currently have and the total amount of damage. This is best discussed with your trusted chimney professional as they will have the information for your particular type of issue and the right options.