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Why Dryer Vent Cleaning Is an Important Home Maintenance Task

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One would think that human beings would learn from past mistakes. With over 15,000 fires occurring every year specifically related to dryer vents, that does not seem to be the case. It is amazing how destructive forgetting something as easy as dryer vent cleaning can be to a home and the family living inside of it.

Dryer vent fires are easily preventable

Dryer lint is extremely combustible. If you were to take a match to the lint you remove from your dryer screen after a single load of laundry has been done it would immediately burst into flames. Now, imagine the inside of your dryer vent that may not have been cleaned for years. Imagine the buildup of lint in there that could be ignited by a simple spark from your dryer and how long it would take before your entire home was engulfed in flames.

Some of you may be reading this and shaking your heads, but these numbers are real. Over 15,000 fires, 10 injuries, 10 deaths, and over $97 million in damages every year! And to think, the reason this happens in most cases is simply because the homeowner did not take the time to get a professional out to clean their dryer vents!

There are those that think they can just “blow” out or “vacuum” out the lint but that is not enough. Professional chimney sweeps use the same technology to sweep a dryer vent that they do when sweeping out a chimney. This is needed because lint actually sticks to the vent walls and has to be “swept” out.

If you have a chimney, schedule your dryer vent cleaning every year when you have your inspection and cleaning. This way you won’t forget. If not, schedule the cleaning when the clocks go up or back to make it part of your routine. A quick cleaning will make your dryer operate better and keep your home safer.